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Abstracto (Book)


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About this Book:: Jophen Stein the book, everything that was my art from 2004-2013. Actually, it's just a portion of the work I made during that time, so, more of a compilation. By now you can get this puppy through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Walmart, or some other place www related. Those places will have it cheap so go there if your pockets are tight. But if you have some free floating bills you would like to throw at me, I'll dance for you. Purchasing Abstracto with me will get you- a book; signed, with some stickers, I'll probably draw in it, and maybe write a love sonnet in the back. Dunno, but I'm 110% sure my love sonnets are better than Walmarts so you get at least a 25% better deal.

- Published by Zero+ Publishing
- ISBN: 9781937222291
- 64 pages, 7 3/4" X 7 3/4"
- English
- Forward by A.P. Owens
- Medium: it's a book; paper and glue.
- Special Inclusions: Signed, (2) stickers, I'll draw something in it, and one love sonnet or inspirational quote (I choose).