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( born: approximately c.19kk - preferably still living  )

BFA, LCAD c. 2003

Jophen Stein is a graduate of the Laguna College of Art and Design. After establishing the Snootson Family showcase in 2004 his distinctive style has gained international recognition and his collections are sought after from the majority of D-list celebrities, socialites, heiresses, moguls, entrepreneurs, forward thinking debutantes, informed dilettantes, and Richard Branson.

About SFSC

The Snootson Family Showcase SFSC is a collection of narrative and character based artwork.  While there are a variety of subjects and motifs presented in the SFSC, a principle underlining theme exists concerning the correlation between antiquity and modernity with an emphasis on historical events.


An American Tiered System Of Ingenuity

American Dreamery ($0-$25):

It is of the greatest importance to serve the underserved. There is no feeling that makes us feel better about ourselves, than to give back to the less fortunate. You as a poor person, are most likely overwhelmed with pink slip notices, overdraft charges, malnutrition, and a serious lack of understanding when it comes to finance. And while you try to fill the void of a meaningless existence with tattoos, babies, and drugs the need for a deeper connection to the universe escapes you. The Snootson Family understands this dilemma and is here to offer catharsis to your bereaved faculties. With Products tiered in your favor, you can finally rest easy that at least you have something worth living for.

Family Values ($30-$200)

A strong middle class offers more than just the presumed luxuries of comfort. It is the backbone in which people operate within the illusion of upward mobility. Success is not attained unless you own a lot of shit to prove it. The Snootson Family Showcase intends to provide you with as many satisfactory trinkets and products at a valued price, to help fulfill your proud and honorable legacy of wild accumulation.

Bleached Collar ($200 +) 

Lets face it, the other two tiers are far beneath you. You want, originality, quality, and the very best a gold standard tier can offer. You wake up every morning thinking that owning the world may not be enough. The Snootson Family admires and respects your FICA score and bulbous bank accounts and provides the finest of products to help alleviate you from the burden of being so rich. Your purchases will not only improve and diversify your portfolio, they will shine as a beacon to the rest of the world that you are fiscally sound, a wise investor, and the superlative of capitalist free market success.
Thank you for choosing to fly with the Snootson Family Showcase we hope that your purchase has made an indelible impact on your life and family.