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"Wood" By Jophen


Image of "Wood" By Jophen
  • Image of "Wood" By Jophen
  • Image of "Wood" By Jophen
  • Image of "Wood" By Jophen
  • Image of "Wood" By Jophen

You're Poor. Or perhaps you've come to that conclusion because when your friends say "hey lets go shopping," you head for the dumpster. To help alleviate your 99%'er blues, I've created "Wood" By Jophen. A clever way to allow poor people the ability to participate in the fun activity of collecting original artwork. Collecting is no longer just a pass time for some Richie Richard Branson, you too can hang a piece of artwork in your home, serve grape type drink, present a platter of kraft cheese slices, and boast to the neighbors about your new found sophistication. Or you can try flipping it on ebay to make some extra money for that kidney you've always wanted. Whatever I don't judge. Wood pattern, hand painted on wood to look like wood. It's Wood! By Jophen.

- Original Art: SFSC Series "Wood" By Jophen
- Edition: 60
- Collection: Wood By Jophen
- Size: 3"x 5.25" x 1/8"
- Misc: Signed, Numbered, Dated, and Sealed
- Medium: Acrylic on Wood / Pattern Varies
- 5 COLOR WAYS:: Mud Brown, Some Kind of Brown, Jaundice Yellow, Yellow Snow, and Diabetes Blue.