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Image of "Derision"
  • Image of "Derision"
  • Image of "Derision"
  • Image of "Derision"
  • Image of "Derision"

About this Print:: An Attempt has been made to make abstract art more appealing. In most cases abstract art looks as if it were created by a broken fingered kindergartner. Abstracto is an attempt to be less insulting to the sophisticated wine drinker's sensibilities by adding depth and narrative to objects that are unrecognizable yet familiar.

- Print: From The SFSC Series "Abstracto"
- Edition: 50
- Collection: ABO001 Print #SFSC06
- Size: 8"x10" Image size: 6"x8"
- Misc: Signed, Numbered, Dated, and Sealed with Kisses
- Medium: Archival Ink on Bristol with backing board.